BTS Content Index organizes ENGLISH SUBBED content starting from PRE-DEBUT! We DON’T sub any videos in our index nor do we have paid content such as DVDs and Concerts. However, we do have a list to view under the paid content tab.For business inquiries please send us an email ([email protected])Here’s a look at our index:

These are the current following platforms you can find our fanbase:

You can find our index in several locations! Our website and the google sheet is linked below. If you wish to make a index for another group please contact us. In any case where our index is seen copied and posted somewhere else not by us we will report it as copyright.

We’ve recently created our own BTS Schedule! It only contains confirmed schedules by BigHit Music and those that are to have video consumption as our fanbase is centered in that regard.

Many don’t know this but we also do have our own customized BTS Spotify Playlist by each member. It contains all music they have mentioned, listened to and even covered. The songs also come from interviews, twitter posts and vlives. We may have a few missing as it’s very hard to keep up so if you happen to recognize one not in one of the playlists please let us know!They are linked down below and we are currently working on creating them also on youtube.

We’re constantly looking for new admins! It gets very hectic during comeback season and our team can use as much help as possible. If you have any free time, want experience running a fanbase or would like to gain some ARMY friends while helping other fans discover more about BTS please join us!All work is done voluntarily and non-paid.